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We are a group of theoreticians and experimental researchers developing cutting-edge computational models supported by data. We are interested in the dynamics of cellular processes and their underlying principles. Here is a selection of special interests we have, reaching from yeast cells to cancer, from stochastic molecules to cell communities. Please visit the individual topics below to learn more.


  • Yeast cell modeling

    Yeast cell modeling

    How does the cell cycle communicate with metabolism? What happens to the translation rate when cellular volume increases? With modular large-scale modeling, we seek to understand systemic connections and mechanisms in yeast. Read More
  • Spatial modeling

    Spatial modeling

    How do cells orient in a complex environment? What are the underlying mechanical mechanisms that cause morphogenetic changes? How do cells break their symmetry? Read More
  • Cellular stress response

    Cellular stress response

    Exposure to different environments can cause stress to cells. We study how cells respond to such stresses on a molecular level, combining different modeling approaches as well as a wide variety of experimental data. Read More
  • Yeast cell cycle

    Yeast cell cycle

    The cell cycle is  a crucial process ultimately giving rise to life. We study the underlying molecular mechanisms and regulation of the yeast cell cycle focusing on different aspects. Read More
  • Single cells and noise

    Single cells and noise

    When molecule numbers get sparse, both intrinsic as well as extrinsic noise makes life more challenging. Yet, cells nonetheless are able to process information, thrive and use low copy numbers to their advantage. The basic biological principles of these interesting regimes and systems are part of our research interest.  Read More
  • (Large-scale) signaling models

    (Large-scale) signaling models

    How can we model large-scale, mechanistically detailed and executable signal transduction networks? Read More
  • Modeling metabolism

    Modeling metabolism

    Metabolism provides the essential building blocks for cellular life. We study metabolic processes and especially their dynamic behavior in various contexts from the cellular to the organ scale. Read More
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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute of Biology,
Theoretical Biophysics, 10099 Berlin, Germany